Parks of study and reflection


The Rough Nights - the very special time between the years

We want to create and use this special time of contemplation, introspection and meditation together. Everyone can contribute as much as is good for him or her - we will organize the program and activities (walking, short trips to the surrounding area) together.

The rough nights have a very special energy, one says one dreams much in this time and the dreams have prognostic character. What is certain is that the short days and long nights are ideal for saying goodbye to the old year and planning the new year. This can go hand in hand with writing, silence and mediation, and of course with communication and exchange.

Where: The Rough Nights take place in the study and reflection park Schlamau.

When: From 26 December 2019 to 2 January 2020. Arrival and departure are possible at any time, you can come one day or many days, just as you like.
Accommodation will be in shared rooms.
Costs: Adults pay 25,- Euro per night including three meals, children pay half.

Registration here or under Angelikaklatte(at)

Reservation and registration

Reservation is important for planning overnight stays, buying food and picking up at Wiesenburg (Mark) station. Early and accurate registration makes everything easier. Thank you very much!
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