Park of Study and Reflection Schlamau

A Park of Study and Reflection is a place that everyone can us to go deeper into oneself and as the name implies to study and reflect. The main focus of studies is the human being, their development and the possibility to build a nonviolent world.

The parks want to develop a new interpersonal relationship which is based on treating others as one wants to be treated, without violence, without discrimination, and by discovering the sacred each other.

Silo, the so called "Sage of the Andes," inspired with his teaching parks of Study and Reflection, which records in his works a way of overcoming human suffering and creating a universal human nation.


The Park of Study and Reflection lies in the middle of the beautiful High Fläming Nature Park in the municipality Wiesenburg (Mark).

Medieval castles, gentle hills, deep forests and cool streams in colorful meadows give the High Fläming Nature Park in the south-west of Brandenburg its very special charm.

The Fläming owes its name to the Flemings who invited by German princes settled there from the 12th century onwards. Even today Hohe Fläming is one of the most sparsely populated areas in Germany and is therefore a paradise for people looking for peace and quietness. Schlamau was mentioned for the first time in 1361 and was never laid to waste as it always had sufficient water.

Anyone who comes to Schlamau can easily understand why the Hohe Fläming is humorously described as the smallest low mountain range of Germany. The protected location at the foot of glacial dry valleys, and the Schlamauer springs were the reason for the first settlers to settle here at this place in Fläming more than 650 years ago.

The parks elements

In each park there are the same buildings and elements, with each having their own symbolic character.
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Doors to the spiritual world

Parks of Study and Reflection are doors to the spiritual world of our deepest interior. It is the place where the works of the school take place, a set of studies and practices that enable us to get in touch with our inner, deeply hidden dimension ...
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Other Parks

Parks around the world ...
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