The park’s elements

Entrance Gate

Marks the boundary between the external world and the interior of the human being, aiming to bring about a change in the internal state of everyone who enters.
The Gate is designed to mark the boundary between daily life and the place dedicated to study and reflection.

Donor Wall

The donor wall, in stainless steel, displays the engraved names of all who contribute to the construction of the Park.
They all share a strong belief in a world in which the human being is victorious.

Center of Work

The Center of Work is the place for seminars and workshops of personal work. They offer the best conditions for personal reflection or exchange in groups.

Center of Study

The Center of Study is dedicated to the work of the school. It is a place of inspiration. Here the masters of the school can watch over the development of the parks.

The Monolith

Built of stainless steel, it reflects the present age, records the date on which the park was built and gives orientation in time and space.
The monolith also connects the heavens with the earth, or the mystical with the “what can be perceived with our senses.”

The Fountain

There's no life without water. Water has always been worshiped and the fountain allegorically embodies the fusion of the feminine and male principle as a source of energy.

The Hall

Its interior symbolizes the access to a deep inner experience through a hemispherical space without symbols or images. Its exterior forms a sphere, the tip of which points upwards.
The hall is a suitable place for ceremonies and meditation, especially to work with the inner force and to direct it to the beloved people.

Park of Study and Reflection Schlamau

A Park of Study and Reflection is a place that everyone can us to go deeper into oneself and as the name implies to study and reflect.
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Doors to the spiritual world

Parks of Study and Reflection are doors to the spiritual world of our deepest interior. It is the place where the works of the school take place, a set of studies and practices that enable us to get in touch with our inner, deeply hidden dimension ...
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Other Parks

Parks around the world ...
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