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Silo’s Message

The Message given by Silo in 2002 consists of three parts: The Book, the Experience, and the Path. The Book has been known for some time under the title The Inner Look. The Experience is expressed through eight ceremonies: the Service, Laying on of Hands, Well-Being, Marriage, Protection, Assistance, Death, and Recognition. The Path is a collection of reflections and suggestions.

Silo / ISBN 2-910649-19-7 / Editions Références, 2011
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Humanize the Earth

The Inner Look, The Inner Landscape, The Human Landscape
This beautiful and profound book expresses in simple poetic prose a humanist approach to life that is finding increasing resonance in today's world. It ranges broadly from the larger questions of human existence to the particulars of daily life.

Silo / ISBN 3-930755-01-7 / M. Uzielli Verlag, München159 Seiten

Letters to My Friends

On Social and Personal Crisis in Today’s World
A lucid outline of the “big picture” that makes comprehensible the confusing paradoxes of our time and has led Mikhail Gorbachev to comment: “...recommended... our views of the current social and personal crisis are very close....”
In ten provocative letters Silo masterfully articulates the approach of a new and universal Humanism – libertarian, pluralistic, and engaged with the central questions of our time. With keen irony the author strips away the conventional wisdom, revealing that the “emperor’s new clothes” of today's unprincipled pragmatism and speculative capitalism are indeed no more than that, a hollow shell of decaying myths that can no longer conceal the failures of an inhuman social and economic system long overdue for honest criticism and profound transformation. Combines a comprehensive description of current events with specific approaches readers can follow emphasizing local actions.

Silo / ISBN 3-930755-00-9 / M. Uzielli Verlag, München
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Silo Speaks

A wide-ranging record of the thought of Mario Rodríguez Cobos, Silo, as expressed in 23 speeches spanning almost thirty years of public life. Includes talks at book publications, rallies, and other occasions.

Silo / ISBN 3-930755-06-8 / M. Uzielli Verlag, München
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Contributions to Thought

Two philosophical essays, the first on the human mind, how thought is represented within it, and the central role of the image; the second on how time and history are a central and intrinsic part of human existence.

Silo / ISBN 3-930755-02-5 / M. Uzielli Verlag, München
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Short Biography of Silo

Silo is the spiritual leader who appears in this confusing, violent and discouraging time. His message is simple and at the same time very deep. His work has surpassed all national borders and found followers in various cultures on all continents.

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